Dispatches from the releng team week

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The Mozilla release engineering (releng) team is having a team week this week in Boston. Our time will be split between planning and hacking, and for the first time, I’ll be trying to document some of the proceedings in blog format.

The first thing on our agenda this morning is a documentation sprint. We’ll be identifying tools and systems that are either poorly documented or not documented at all, and then trying to fill in some of these documentation gaps during the rest of the week.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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Mozilla Ottawa Meet-up on Friday, November 1st

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TheCodeFactory logoHey Ottawa Mozillians! A bunch of Mozilla staff from the Ottawa area are having a workday at the TheCodeFactory in downtown Ottawa this Friday, November 1st from 10am-5pm.

Whether you’re already plugged into Mozilla, or just interested in learning more, we encourage you to drop by. We’ll have representatives from the release engineering team, the automation and tools team, and product management present on Friday.

Note to those coming out: TheCodeFactory moved to a new location earlier this year. They’re now located at 100 Gloucester Street.

Hope to see you there!

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Release Engineering Team Structure

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Inspired by Alex‘s post about the Release Management team structure, I thought I would put together a similar outline for Release Engineering (releng).

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Summit takeaways for release engineering

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Mozilla Summiteer 2013 Toronto BadgeIt’s hard to boil down 3 days of intense discussions to a few bullet points, much less discussions had by 18 people over 3 Summit locations, but here I go.
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Wait times: why measuring machine efficiency is hard, and why we still need to try

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Dilbert.comGreg Szorc has been tireless in pushing for improvements in the build system. This past summer, he added automatic psutil system usage reporting for all Mozilla automation jobs run by mozharness. Since release engineering is actively moving all jobs to mozharness, we should soon have efficiency metrics for all jobs.

Unfortunately, Greg tried to parlay that work into a larger analysis of overall infrastructure machine efficiency. His analysis is not wrong, per se, but his post presents the state of machine efficiency with the assumption that it is that way by accident. Greg did post an addendum at the bottom of the entry, but I don’t think that edit ever found the same traction that the original piece did. I’d like to try to address why our machine efficiency numbers look the way they do.
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Improved slave loan request process

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Ship It SquirrelA few of us within Release Engineering (releng) have been working recently to tighten up the process we use to loan slaves to developers.
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Build::Config meeting notes for 2013-08-08

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2013-08-08 Agenda:

  • logistics:
    • timechange to 11am PDT, 2:30pm PDT?
    • do 11am PDT in two weeks time; check with EST folks during next BuildConfig meeting, maybe move after that.
  • action items from last mtg
    • (coop) talk to RyanVM re: MozillaBuild – NOT DONE
    • (coop) move Windows release repacks to Win64 – IN PROGRESS
    • (bsmedberg) talk to gps re: resource monitoring
    • (mshal, joey) return with estimates
  • Round table
  • action items:
    • meeting to decide scope of Q3 goal
    • revisit fennec-nop-builds after touching base with kats, blassey, margaret, mfinkle – what else after the 
      • new tracking bug for Q3 issues to fix? Or keep on with 748452?
    • NOTE: next meeting at 11am PDT / 2pm EST. gps to send out invite

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Build::Config meeting notes for 2013-07-25

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2013-07-25 Agenda:

  • Previous action items:
    • [gps] complete list of variables, rules for scoping conversion; get an idea of how far along this process we are today…. 2%? 50%? 90%?
      • export tier only in Q3; anything else is gravy
    • [gps] file bugs on eliminating everything in the export tier: Bug 892644 tracks
    • [joduinn] setup meeting about fennec dependencies
      • no meeting, conversations with blassey: living with the pain
      • corresponding l10n issues: avoid dragging into the ESR24 cycle
    • [bsmedberg] will investigate the wall-clock issue in mid-May
      • Bug 893078
      • upgrade to gcc 4.7 a likely culprit, only affects PGO clobber builds
      • monitor build resource usage during linking: bsmedberg to see if gps+try gives enough data; else get loaner machine Monday to investigate.
    • [joduinn] MozillaBuild – is this ted or ryanvm ? get bug filed for upcoming windows releases
      • still outstanding, coop to talk to RyanVM
  • Round table:
    • moz.build conversion: timing and scope
    • (mshal) TUP update
      • not much progress recently – been focusing on fennec issue
      • planning to use Makefile.in & moz.build so tup is not blocked on moz.build conversion – will see how that goes
    • fennec, l10n cleanup work
  • Action items:
    • (coop) talk to RyanVM re: MozillaBuild
    • (coop) move Windows release repacks to Win64
    • (bsmedberg) talk to gps re: resource monitoring
    • (mshal, joey) return with estimates

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Build::Config meeting notes for 2013-07-11

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We’ve been having bi-weekly meetings of the Build::Config module peers (and other interested parties) for a while now. It makes sense to start publishing the meeting minutes more widely.
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Findcraft, a Minecraft-based scavenger hunt

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Minecraft diamond oreKristina was out-of-town this past weekend. I decided to take the kids to the Museum of Nature, but I wanted something to draw them out of the standard parts of the museum that we tend to gravitate towards out of habit. Even I get bored of the dinosaurs eventually.

Given their recent interest in Minecraft, this is what I came up with:

FINDCRAFT: a Minecraft-based scavenger hunt
Download: PNG (401K) | PSD (3.2M)

FINDCRAFT is a Minecraft-based scavenger hunt. The version above is customized for the museum I was going to be visiting. Assuming you have some knowledge of Minecraft, rudimentary Photoshop skills (mine are very rudimentary), and some prior knowledge of your own local museum, you could easily customize the scavenger hunt for your own purposes.

For instance, if I were going to take the kids to the Museum of Civilization, I could easily swap out some of the animals and ores, and replace them with skeletons, villagers, glass panes, or anything really. The Minecraft wiki has transparent PNGs for all the blocks and mobs in the game, so you can mix-and-match to your heart’s content. The goal is not necessarily to complete the sheet, but to encourage exploration. Good luck convincing the kids of that though. ;)

Isla in the Earth Gallery

Did it work? I think so. We still spent our requisite time in the wild bird clinic and with the dinosaurs, but we also visited the Animalium for a change, and the kids discovered that they *LOVE* the Vale Earth Gallery.

Pop me a note if you find it useful or come up with an interesting variant. Enjoy!

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