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Out with the old

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house constructionAssuming we figure out financing, construction of our new house will begin in a few short months. The first step in that process is to get rid of the existing house, which is decidedly in the way.

One of the primary goals with our new construction is to manage all aspects of the project (or delegate that management) to maximize recycling and re-use of materials. Rather than demolish the existing structure after picking it clean of any salvageables, we thought we’d see if anyone would be interested in taking the entire building. We started contacting building movers last week.

Now I understand that physically moving a building is serious business, but here’s a tip for estimators: if you agree to come give me an estimate, don’t do a drive-by in your truck, decide you’re not interested, and then never get back to me. Yes, Chamberland Lalonde Building Movers, I managed to figure out that you weren’t interested on my own, but I’m sure glad I didn’t take the day off work to wait for you. Enjoy the bad reviews you’ll be receiving around the internet today.

The estimator from CDS Building Movers was much better, showing up early, and taking a proper look around. He seemed keen, but alas, a key part of the building moving process is getting it from our site to his. They’re based way out past Kanata, so he politely declined.

Sadly, that pretty much exhausts the list of businesses in the Ottawa area who will move an existing structure for resale. If anyone out there wants a free house and is willing to pay the costs associated with moving it, it’s all yours.

Otherwise, we’ll be stripping it for parts, which is a lot more effort for less gain.

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