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On John Leaving Mozilla

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J├ĄgerbombJohn has posted his farewell over on his blog.

John’s been managing me now for 6.5 years. I’ve had other friends/mentors/managers before, but it was under John that I became a manager myself.

Everything I’ve learned about people-first, no-nonsense management has come from him. Everything I’ve learned about cross-group co-ordination and asking the right questions has come from him. Everything I’ve learned about Irish whiskey has come from him.

On the technical- and pure getting-shit-done-side, the Google Tech Talk he gave on “Release Engineering as a Force Multiplier” is probably the only resume he’ll ever need, even if he doesn’t actually need it.

Where does John’s departure leave Mozilla, and more specifically, our release engineering team, and even more specifically, me?

I don’t know, but I’m optimistic, mostly because of the imprint left by John on all of us.

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Kick, Throw

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Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Arcade FlyerOne benefit of giving up WoW is that it has given me time to re-kindle my passion for arcade gaming. And by “arcade” I of course mean “MAME on my laptop,” because arcades don’t exist any more, even less so in rural Nova Scotia. Sniff.

I’ve broken out some of my old standbys, but I keep coming back to my all-time favorite quarter sink, Street Fighter II’ – Champion Edition. In honor of the game that captivated me so thoroughly between the end of class and the start of work every day for years, I’ve added a Twitter feed to my sidebar and given it an SF2-inspired title, Little Birdie Patterns.

The title won’t mean much to anyone who’s not directly related to me or who didn’t help me spend the GDP of a small nation learning Vega‘s air throw, but I think the web needs more self-referential crap and nostalgia, don’t you?

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Shaver Day

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You can be my wingman any timeMike Shaver and I met back in high school during the early ’90s. I took him under my wing and soon taught him the finer points of making taped announcements, how to drop a House of Pain remix on a crowd at *precisely* the right moment, and how to skip class to play cage basketball.

Despite all that, something must have clicked. Since high school, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him at four (!) separate companies. I owe my professional existence to Mr. Shaver, so I’m thrilled today to see him get a little back.

I raise my glass to you tonight, Mike. The handlebars are firmly attached to the bike now, my friend.

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Sonic what now?

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Two Street Fighter links for readers today:

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More than meets the eye

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Not to be outdone, there are plenty of breakdancing robots to go around.

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