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Mozilla is graciously giving its staff a two-week break over the holidays. What does this mean for service groups like release engineering?

We too will be away spending time with our families, but we will also continue to monitor the general health of the continuous integration infrastructure. If something happens that knocks an entire platform or datacenter offline, we will stand things back up, but we won’t be worrying about regular day-to-day issues like rebooting individual slaves or fulfilling loan requests.

Barring a chemspill, we also won’t be producing releases over the two-week span, with the exception of Nightly and Aurora daily releases which should continue to happily hum along.

Mozilla staff know how to get in connect with release engineering should it become necessary. For other Mozillians, your best bet is to contact us in the #releng channel on IRC. Ping coop (that’s me), catlee, or hwine if necessary, but please be patient. There may be eggnog involved.


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  1. What are the exact dates?

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