Dispatches from the releng team week: Monday

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People from releng were still arriving on Monday, so we left topics that affect the whole group for later in the week. We did still manage to get a bunch done. Monday had 3 major themes:

  1. Documentation: as mentioned yesterday, we spent a good chunk of the morning exposing gaping holes in our documentation. It’s a chronic pain point for us that we don’t have good overview documentation of our systems. This makes it hard to on-board new people, or even publicize services we already offer. To start to fix this, we took the approach of generating a table of contents of all of our systems, and then assigning owners to sections that aren’t currently documented. The challenge for me will be merging the table of contents we’ve generated into the existing Release Engineering wiki. We’re also exploring other documentation options outside the wiki, possibly involving Sphinx.
  2. AWS spot instances: Jonas is in Boston this week too, so he spent a good while talking with catlee and Rail about bidding algorithms and how we can make more cost-effective use of AWS.
  3. Relops planning: Amy and Dustin from release engineering operations (relops) were both in town yesterday, so we took the opportunity to collaborate on planning issues that will affect both groups over the next year. There are pending office and colo moves for Mozilla in the next few months, both of which will require moving large collections of releng systems (e.g. tegras), with corresponding tree closures and down times. Dustin also led us in a discussion of best practices for designing new services in an effort to avoid rampant tool proliferation and associated support costs.

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