Release Engineering Team Structure

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Inspired by Alex‘s post about the Release Management team structure, I thought I would put together a similar outline for Release Engineering (releng).

Release Engineering is currently made up of 18 people:

  • John O’Duinn (joduinn) – Director
    • Aki Sasaki (aki)
    • Chris AtLee (catlee)
      • Ben Hearsum (bhearsum)
      • John Hopkins (jhopkins)
      • Massimo Gervasini (mgerva)
      • Nick Thomas (nthomas)
      • Rail Aliiev (rail)
    • Chris Cooper (coop)
      • Armen Zambrano Gasparnian (armenzg)
      • Justin Wood (Callek)
      • Jordan Lund (jlund)
      • Kim Moir (kmoir)
      • Pete Moore (pmoore)
      • Simone Bruno (sbruno)
    • Hal Wine (hwine)
      • Joey Armstrong (grapenuts)
      • Mike Shal (mshal)

Within the team, we also have two activity-based subgroups:

  • Buildduty: Each week there is one person from the Release Engineering team dedicated to helping out developers with releng-related issues. This person will be available during his or her regular work hours for the whole week. This is similar to the sheriff role that rotates through the developer community. To avoid confusion, the releng sheriff position is known as “buildduty.”

    • armenzg, bhearsum, Callek, coop, jhopkins
  • Releaseduty: Releaseduty is a rotating job that is designed to keep everyone away from releases, except while they’re on releaseduty. The person on releaseduty is responsible for doing most releases that week, and should be prepared to delay other work on their plate if unexpected releases come up.
    • aki, catlee, hwine, mgerva, rail

There are two things you should take away from those duty group lists:

  1. We’re not assorting down management lines for these responsibilities, but instead are recognizing that certain people have specialized skills and knowledge that may be best applied to solve certain types of problems. Release engineers are no longer expected to be omnipotent.
  2. Not everyone in Release Engineering is assigned to a duty group. This allows “floaters” to help out where effort is required, and also allows easy coverage for things like vacations.

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