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Tomcat and SchrepIt’s not often I get to introduce someone who requires no introduction.

Carsten Book (Tomcat) has been a long-term contributor to Mozilla. As a community member, and long before the advent of automated testing, Tomcat was the “automated” testing, joining Gavin in the pantheon of early Firefox god/bots.

Tomcat eventually accepted a paid position with QA. Over many years, he made a transition out of QA into a role working with our various Mozilla partners to create custom builds. Due to a recent shuffle, Tomcat has joined the release engineering team, where he will continue to work on existing partner builds, but will also grow to take on releng duties as well.

I haven’t worked with Tomcat directly for over 5 years, but he’s always brought a kind of crazy dedication to all his endeavors at Mozilla. I’m super excited to have him join the team.

Oh, and if you do need QA assistance, I’m sure one of the fine folks over on the current QA team can help you out.

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  1. ERMAHGERD! TERMKET! (I am excited.)

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