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Yesterday was Kim Moir’s first day with the Mozilla release engineering team. Honestly, we didn’t hire her just because of her blog title (which is awesome): RelEng of the Nerds.

Kim joins us from IBM where she was well-known for her release engineering work on the Eclipse project. She also has a history of fostering the open source development community around Eclipse, which is the kind of thing we’re always trying to encourage here.

Like me, she is based in Ottawa. It’s been a while since I’ve had a co-worker in the same city — sorry, Kev, Kemptville doesn’t count. How often do we grab lunch? — but plans for an official Mozilla Ottawa office are still MoOt at this point.

As I mentioned previously, if you’re a release engineer looking for work (bonus points if your name is Chris or happen to be based in Ottawa), we are still hiring.

Welcome, Kim!

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