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With Mozilla Messaging being folded back into Mozilla, one of the outstanding questions (well, I’ve been wondering at least) was what would become of the existing Thunderbird build engineers. I’m pleased to announce that one of them, John Hopkins, has officially joined the Mozilla Release Engineering team as of Monday this week.

It will be business as usual for John for now, but in the weeks to come we’ll be looking hard at how best to go about integrating the Mozilla Messaging release processes and continuous integration into the current Mozilla releng systems.

Note: this also upsets the delicate John-to-Chris ratio in releng. If you’re a release engineer looking for work (bonus points if your name is Chris), we are still hiring.

Welcome, John! Glad to have you aboard.

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  1. Awesome – I worked with John for years, and was wondering why he was missing from the “Mozilla Release Engineers” photo I saw a couple of days ago.

    Also, despite being a Chris, I’m a dev manager / programmer not a release engineer 😉

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