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BaronessI long ago came to grips with the fact that the new G.I. Joe movie was going to have precious little to do with the G.I. Joe of my youth. I still have an attic (note: not my attic) full of G.I. Joe toys, so the compulsion to see it eventually overrode common sense and generally awful meta-ratings.

I usually like MovieBob’s reviews over at the Escapist, but before actually seeing G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, I just assumed he had lost the thread when he posted a positive review of the movie given the overwhelming negativity of others. Having now seen the film, I think he’s absolutely spot on.

This is the type of fun summer movie that I haven’t seen in ages: a decent plot that is coherent and doesn’t expect me to check my brain at the door, larger-than-life characters in over-the-top action sequences, and enough cool tech for 2 regular action movies. If someone had just thought to take the lips off of Snake Eyes’ costume, I dare say it would have been damn-near perfect*.

* “Perfect” in the summer movie sense. This movie won’t be winning any Oscars, let’s not kid ourselves here.

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