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Just takin' a breakMy World of Warcraft account expires tomorrow. I am letting it lapse and retiring from the game.

Not much of a mystery as to why. In the end, it came down to family.

I’m one of those (broken) people who actually liked questing in areas like Ashenvale back in the day. It felt suitably epic (not in the purple sense), expansive, and the ambiance was spot-on perfect IMO. Pre-TBC, I probably spent more time in Ashenvale and Azshara than anywhere else in-game. Those areas felt like home.

As the patches have rolled in and the game has necessarily evolved, I’ve found myself investing the same or greater amounts of time but having less fun.

I never fell in to the trap of having lots of alts, but the /played on my main is ludicrous, especially given how far (or not far) I have actually advanced in the game.

My guild, The Ancient Sun, remains awesome. Indeed, I would have quit many times over already were it not for these people. I was part of a fun 10-man raid group, but we were generally stymied by content past a certain difficulty level. We weren’t trying for world-firsts or anything, but the time pressure to farm, show up prepared, and be competitive even for our “softcore” raid was too much. Granted, a lot of this was internal pressure I put on myself, but…hi, you must be new here.

When BRK, someone who I respect and admire as a communicator, came so close to ruining his own marriage through willful denial of his own similar situation, the writing was on the wall for me. Get while the gettin’s good, as they say, which loosely translates to: don’t make your wife come over there and smack some sense into you.

I must say, not having that constant compulsion to login and go run the same 6 quests every day because they’re the most lucrative dailies and you need that coin to keep yourself rolling in Flasks of Endless Rage is pretty liberating. πŸ˜‰ Spending that time with my family is just about the best alternative I can think of.

I occasionally entertain thoughts about circumstances under which I might consider returning to the game…perhaps a future in-game event in which some ancient evil awakes, pressing our reluctant hero back into action. Then I remind myself that said evil could likely only be vanquished by a combination of daily quests and achievement points, and then the struggle seems much less epic. Besides, the ancient evil would simply reset next Tuesday anyway.

No, retirement’s looking pretty comfortable.

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  1. BRK has certainly scaled back his play time, but he hasn’t vanished. We still enjoy his vent antics and appreciate his MQoSRDPS :).

    “Bigredkitty Kill Shot hits Razorscale for 13579 Physical. (Critical)”

    I certainly won’t argue with your wise prioritization, though. It’s something we all struggle with.

    I will reserve the right to regret never having taken the chance to roll an alt over there with you guys. It would have been a riot.

  2. I certainly won’t argue with your wise prioritization, though. It’s something we all struggle with.

    Yeah, I really can’t justify it at all with two kids. Everyone needs slices of my time and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

    The only way I was making it “work” (and I use that term very loosely) was to login *after* the rest of the family had gone to sleep. As it turns out, I need sleep too! Who knew?!?

    If this game had existed back when I was single, this would be a non-issue. Of course, I’d probably still be single. πŸ˜‰

  3. If you ever get the urge to play an MMO again, you should give LOTRO a shot — infinitely more laid back, fun from the get-go not just after max level, raiding is low priority (but exists), etc. I play and I do well for myself and for my guild, and i play semi-casually (and I know folks who play casually-casually, only logging in once/wk to run quests for a few hours with a static group).

    Grouping is fun, there are literally more quests than you can do in a single char lifetime, achievements/exploration have a purpose, etc.

    The best part — it’s possible to play LOTRO for-reals casually and solo enough to hit max level.

    Anyhow, I’ve quit these sorts of games a dozen times, but i keep finding myself drawn back into them. Finding a game that isn’t all about the grinding and tweaking and gearing up and running endless dailies and raids…well, I’ve found a game that I’ll probably stick with for a few years so long as I can continue to play casually and still have fun.

  4. Jen (Gwen) Apr 24th 2009

    I hear ya!

    Leaving TAS was one of the hardest things I ever had to do…and even then, I didn’t just quit…it was a long and painful “scaling back”…I think I even paid for it for five months, of which I never once logged in. In my mind I thought as long as I was paying for it, i was still a part of it! Lame, I know…but thats me!

    In the end, its been much easier than I thought it would be…although I do have the occasional weak moment where I really wish I could go heal a dying level 3 in Elwynn Forest…ahhh, I miss being a hero πŸ˜‰

    This way is much better, after all, you can be a real life hero to your kidlets ;P

  5. David May 5th 2009

    Plz say your still gonna maintain the WoW Firefox extension… PRETTY PLZ


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