Peter and the Will

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Peter and the WolfAmong the many reasons I’m proud of my son:

I started playing Peter and the Wolf for Will a few weeks ago. I remembered loving it as a child myself, and it also gave us a break from oft insipid children’s music. YouTube even obliged us with the Disney version.

Well, he loves it. He’s been singing the theme non-stop, and pretending he’s the wolf. We try to stop him when he growls at his sister too much. I didn’t realize until this week that he’s *also* been singing it non-stop at pre-school. His teacher asked us if we could make her a copy of the music so she could share it with the rest of the class.

Will just got his classmates interested in classical music, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

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  1. That was one of my favourite records as a kid – the kind where it’s a 45 and a storybook and the soundtrack beeps at you to turn the page. Good memories. That story has legs…he’ll be turning his kids on to it someday I bet.

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