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I didn’t mention this in the list of calamities in the previous entry because it didn’t even rank, but last week also saw patch 3.0.8 go live for WoW, cutting the effective DPS of my hunter from 2900 to around 1900.

I’m not very well-geared, and my guild is not relying on me to help raid 25-man content, but still, ouch.

After playing with my macros and adding Arcane Shot back into my rotation, I managed to coax my DPS back over 2000, but just barely. I’ve toyed with the idea of switching from beast mastery(BM) to survival(SV) as seems to be all the rage, but I’ve never been a min-/max-er. Unfortunately that means I’m effectively leaving 500+DPS on the table.

Although I understand how all of the 3 hunter talent trees could appeal to people, BM has always felt the most natural to me, reinforcing the bond between hunter and pet. I mean, if the pet is going to be there anyway, shouldn’t he actually be doing something useful? I’ve also played as BM since before Burning Crusade — I was marksmanship(MM) previously — so there is inertia at work too.

It’s not so much that I hate the new patch, it’s more that it’s forcing me to make an uncomfortable decision. No, I wasn’t button mashing my way to #1 raid DPS prior to the patch. There are at least 2 other hunters in my guild who outclass me, 1 of which is in my raiding group. Potential gaining 500+ DPS by switching talent specs is nothing to sneeze at for any of us. Indeed, one of us has already made the switch and is, as they say, lighting it up. It will be hard to show up to any raid still spec-ed as BM and not feel that I’m letting everyone else down, simply because (on some level) I like the way my devilsaur chomps things (and occasionally pulls extra mobs with his fat ass, natch). Factoring in the cost of re-gearing, buying new enchants and gems, etc., I loathe this decision even more.

Do I bite the bullet and go over to the SV side? I switched from MM to BM before, so it is *possible* for me to do such a thing. Is it better to maximize what I can do now with BM, and wait for the eventual rebound nerf/buff? That’s a potentially long wait for a train that may not come. :/

Maybe it’s time to level my mage.

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