Selenium IDE updated for Firefox 3

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I’ve spent the last day or so updating the existing Selenium test suite for Litmus in advance of landing the new cloning code for bug 362489.

In the past, testing with Selenium has entailed firing up Firefox 2 because the Selenium IDE had not yet been updated to work with the Firefox 3 betas/release candidates. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find a new version 1.0 beta 2 available for download that has been updated to support Firefox 3. Not a moment too soon either!

Aside from minimizing my need to switch between major revs of my favorite browser, the 1.0 betas of the IDE have introduced a wealth of new functionality that make my webdev testing life easier. Of key importance to me are two features:

  1. Dynamic/automatic addition of test commands to the right-click context menu as I use them. I’m likely to use the same commands again and again based on the way I write tests, and this may not be the same as other people, so not having a static list is great.
  2. Ability to edit/run test suites directly. No more firing up selenium-core or switching between the IDE and a browser tab. This is a HUGE win for me.

Thanks to the Selenium team for your hard work on a great tool. I’m very interested to see how Bromine shapes up.

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  1. Siarhei Jun 16th 2008

    Good news! Firefox didn’t show up any updates for the old version. I only found out about the FF3 support due to your article. Thanks!

  2. I’m still having problems creating Firefox 3 windows under Windows Vista. Does anyone have any workarounds? I see a firefox process start up, but no window ever appears, my test client times out and the processes have to be killed manually.

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