FSOSS 2007

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I’m adding my name to the growing list of Mozilla people attending FSOSS 2007 in Toronto at the end of October. I missed out on FSOSS last year, and everyone involved seems to have had a blast. It’s rare to have a relevant conference within VIA1 striking distance of Ottawa, so I’m taking a stab this year.

What will I be doing? Well, first and foremost, the Mozilla QA team has a testday scheduled for the Friday, Oct. 26th with a focus on OS Integration on Vista & Mac, with a secondary focus on Installer testing. Between sessions, I’ll be plugging into testday, and hopefully leading an impromptu remote testday in conjunction with Club Moz @ Seneca. It’s no secret that Seneca has also been a fruitful recruiting ground for us in the past, so I’ll also be chatting with students and generally trying to get people excited about plugging in to the Mozilla community.

Hope to see lots of folks there.

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